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I realized I was different when I was 9 years old.   I didn't understand my gifts at the time, but I always seemed to know things before everyone else.   The phone would ring and I would know who was calling and why, or something would happen to a loved one miles away and I'd know.   I remember being at my Aunt's house in New Jersey with my parents and the phone rang.   No one was able to get to it before the caller hung up, so no one knew who it was.   We didn't have such a thing as caller ID back in the early '70's.   I told my mother that it was one of our family members up in Orford, NH trying to let us know that my uncle had died.   She promptly called them and found that my uncle Bud had passed away from a heart attack.   She asked how I knew and I told her that my uncle had come to be with us when we got the news, so that he might be able to comfort us.   They couldn't see him, but he was there and able to communicate through me.   That was the beginning of my long journey to understand my abilities.   I was determined to spend my life sharing my gifts with others.

Like so many plans though, life kind of took over and I turned my back on my gifts.   During that time I raised a daughter as a single mom, with a lot of help from my mother who is the single most amazing person on the face of the earth.   I’ve had all the same ups and downs as every other parent out there, and spent much time struggling to find myself.   In my early thirties I met a woman named Jodi, who immediately saw my gift and decided it was time for me to utilize it.   No information was ever given to me by Jodi, no ordinary conversation. It was always a game of, “guess   what".   As you can image, this can be quite irritating at times, but it worked.   I soon strengthened my abilities and was able to tune in to the messages coming from my spirit guides.   Since then, I have made it my life’s goal to help as many people as I can.   Whether it’s to get them past some of life’s hurdles, or to comfort those that have lost loved ones.

I know, some of you are wondering “so why does she have to tell me her life’s story?” Well, I guess I just want to let you that I’m really no different than anyone else.   I haven’t always known my path.   I’ve spent time wandering around lost, like many other people and I’ve made more mistakes than I can count.   I have learned on this journey, that the universe will never dish out more than you can take. The challenges that are thrown at us are there to help us learn and grow strong.   I also believe that everything happens for a reason and no one dies before their time. They’re simply needed somewhere else.   I’ll give you an example........... I did a reading for a woman who had just lost her 18-month-old son.   Somehow he had gotten out of the house when everyone was sleeping, fell into the pool and drown… a horrific accident, and more painful than you can imagine to his family.   Her son Mason, a bouncy happy little soul came through during one of our meetings and let her know that he was called on to do a very important job. He was helping the children of war torn countries.   Many of these children die terrible, violent deaths and are in a state of shock and confusion when they pass.   He was there to help them find their way.   He explained that this was why he had to leave his family after only being with them a short time.   Nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one, but getting answers to why it happened helps us to understand and start healing.   This is why I do what I do.   So that people can understand that death is not the end. It is simply the process of us moving on and leaving our shell behind. Our body is just the vessel we use while we inhabit this earth.   We don’t need it to survive, as our souls are everlasting.

I   also have always been interested in alternative forms of healing and started looking into Reiki a little over two years ago.     I received my Reiki Master certification in the fall of 2008 from Mary Stevens of New Moon Reiki & Massage Therapy in Derry, New Hampshire.   Mary is a truly amazing soul and a wonderful teacher.   I can't thank her enough for helping me further my spiritual education and broaden my mind.   It seems fate played a part in our meeting.   I had finally decided to bite the bullet and take a Reiki course.   None of the instructors I looked up, however   seemed like a good fit.   Then, I was going through the therapeutic section of a local classified site and saw her ad.   There was just something about it, so I contacted her.   As it turns out, she had also been looking at my ad   on the same site, and was thinking of calling me for a reading.   We met and I had an immediate bond with her.   I now consider her a friend and see her often.   I have added a page on Reiki, if you're interested in learning a bit more about it.

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